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yemgi 10-17-2009 10:01 AM

Garage migration to Showcase
I have been exchanging emails with Mark about the DTO products a few months back when I was thinking to move one of my boards to VB. It is used to "cast" cars for various events in France and it has a custom Garage like part that I eventually would like to migrate to Garage as I no longer have time to develop it further. The biggest issue is it is all custom and tightly integrated to the forum core I am running currently.
I finally bought a VB license and configured it as I want, I have tried some migrations already and I think I am now ready that side.
I have just downloaded Garage to have a ply with it and figure out how to migrate datas from my system to Garage.

What I am now wondering is how easy is the migration from a Garage DB to a Showcase DB? Is the DB structure heavily different? Would I be better of test on a Showcase DB directly?
I can not stay with the basic Garage anyway as I have members with multiple "Garages" but it would allow me to play with data migration so I can purchase a Showcase license when I am confident I will be able to migrate the whole site which will probably be in December due to the lot of custom work in the current website I need to convert to VB addons.
The thing is I would prefer not to "waste" 2 months of support

Nathan 10-17-2009 11:17 AM


Thanks for your interest. I want to defur this to Mark to answer as he is much more coversant in the data migration process than I am. He is not available this weekend but I'm sure this will be addressed on Monday.



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