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Default DTO product downloads using a Mac

As a fellow OS X user I wanted to make you aware of some "unique" Mac behavior when working with .zip product downloads from our site or

In short if you download a file in .zip format to your Mac and double click on it to decompress the file you may receive some type of message that the archive could not be opened. This will give you the impression that the .zip is corrupted. It is not.

The issue is that, by default, the later versions of OS X do not include Stuffit Expander which properly handles zip files from the desktop. The standard decompressor that is delivered can't handle the file format for some reason. Luckily there are two ways to address this:

1) If you are comfortable using the Terminal application just "cd" to the directory where you downloaded the zip and run the following command:


This will expand the file properly into its individual components.

2) Install the latest version of StuffIt Expander. Once installed launch the application and click on StuffIt Expander >> Preferences. Scroll down the list presented, click on ZIP, and click on Assign to StuffIt Expander.

Once the above has been configured simply double click on using the Finder and it should decompress properly.

Happy downloading and decompressing!

Mark Ferguson
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