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Originally Posted by Streetgliderx View Post
i purchased Garage pro almost a year ago if not over a year ago,.... i had to leave for work and have been gone... im now back and have a few questions.

#1 will this still work with VB 4.2 PL3?
#2 i had asked before but was wondering if the number of images allowed could be increased in the software?
#3 i was told showcase may work better but i already paid for garage pro? if one would work better can i get a credit toward the purchase of the showcase software?

thanks for your time
#1 I think this awnser is no better you can tell what version of the pro you have!? Other option is to renew so you have latest version than you know it will work!
#2 It's hard coded so you need edit files i have done that.
#3 Showcase is also awesome you can make multiple showcase/garage types. But haves no comment system.


Hope this helped you!

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