DTO Vendor Tools

vBulletin Product Settings

  • Ability to change how vendors are referenced (i.e - sponsors)
  • Enable/disable vendor self-registration
  • Configurable usergroups for vendors
  • Can be enabled for super-moderator or administrators
  • Vendor management can be delegated
  • Communication settings configuration
  • Google Map key definition for site
  • Google Map width and height definition
  • Customize Google Map marker icons
  • File system directory where vendor banner images will be stored

DTO Vendor Tools Administration

  • Create, edit and delete Vendor Categories
  • Create, edit, delete, activate and deactivate Vendors
  • Manage all vendor contact information
  • Associate vendor with multiple categories
  • Set billing period and method
  • Designate vendor Master Representative(s)
  • Option to display vendor in user facing directory
  • Export vendor information for use in 3rd party applications
  • Contact vendors and reps via e-mail

Vendor Control Panel

Manage Vendor

  • Add and manage own representatives
  • Manage associated categories
  • Edit and manage all contact information
  • Create and edit vendor description displayed in end user facing directory
  • Upload new vendor directory banner
  • Enter and manage Keyword monitoring of daily posts
  • View Keyword activity for past 24 hours
  • View Keyword activity for last week or 2 weeks

End User Interface

  • Directory of vendors
  • Display vendors via
    • Google Maps
    • Alphabetical
    • State and Country
  • Selectable sort of all display options by category
  • Google Map view marker selection displays:
    • Contact Information
    • Links for “To here” and “From here” directions provided via Google Maps
    • Ability to private message the representatives for this vendor
  • Alphabetical view displays:
    • List of vendors sorted based on company name
    • Vendor name, banner, description and ability to show/hide vendor details
  • Vendor Details Display
    • Contact Information
    • Links for "To here" and "From here" directions via Google
    • Ability to private message the representatives for this vendor
  • Location display is same as alphabetical sorted state/province and country