DTO Vendor Tools


DTO Vendor Tools Settings
Add Vendor Screen (Also Viewable by Vendors from VendorCP)
Track keyword activities from the VendorCP
User Facing View (Admin Definable Category
Listing Dropdown Shown)
Vendor Directory with Expanded Information
Rich Display of Vendor Information with Ability to Acquire Directions

Overview - Monetize vBulletin

Attracting new and retaining current vendors is but one of the puzzle pieces in growing a site. Deploy DTO Vendor Tools as a key component in vendor advertising programs insuring long-term advertising relationships. DTO Vendor Tools simplifies management of vendors. An intuitive interface frees the site admin to enter basic information about the vendor allowing the vendors Master Rep or an assigned Rep to fill in the details. Alternatively vendor information can be pre-loaded motivating a vendor to opt-in to a user facing preferred paid placement in the directory. Included are tools to enable easy communication with vendors, view collected statistical data, as well as the ability to export vendor information for use in third party applications.

A VendorCP provides active vendors a portal into a feature rich environment where they can manage their own company information, monitor statistical information, and make use of the Keyword feature. Keywording is a unique function, commonly found in agent-based enterprise software that offers proactive monitoring of phrases that are important to each vendor representative. Based on keywords entered by the vendor rep, each evening the day's posts are searched for those phrases. If matches are found the rep is emailed that matches have been identified, the rep can review the matches, and jump immediately to the post or thread and respond as appropriate thereby creating rapport and follow on sales with members of the site.

End users enjoy a wide variety of features as well. Vendor lists can be sorted by alpha/numeric, as well as, category, location, or combinations of both. Geographical views incorporate Google Maps with an informational pop-up about the vendor including contact, discount, "To here" and "From here" directions and send a PM to vendor representatives that are present on the site. 

Each and every community is a targeted audience that vendors, offering products to that niche, desparately want to reach. Monetize vBulletin through the use of DTO Vendor Tools.

Key Features


  • Centralized management of vendors
  • Create custom vendor categories
  • Delegate management via administrative permissions
  • Allow or hide ability for vendors to self-submit business inf
  • Selectable vendor groups to organize vendors by status
  • Contact all or selected groups of vendors
  • Contact all or selected groups of vendor representatives
  • Allow or hide ability for vendors to self-submit business inf
  • Export vendor information into a tab-delimited file
  • Powerful Vendor Control Panel
  • Self-service vendor management
  • Add and manage vendor representatives
  • Manage associated categories
  • Management of banner display in directory
  • Automatic notification when a keyword is detected
Site Members
  • Centralized listing of vendors for site members
  • Directory of vendors by country/state, and alphabetical listing
  • Geographical display of vendor location via Google Maps
  • Links for "To here" and "From here" directions via Google
  • Ability to private message vendor representatives that are present on the site

System Requirements

  • A valid vBulletin license (versions supporting 3.6.X through 3.8.X and 4.0.X available now)
  • PHP 5.X and later (compiled with GD support)
  • MySQL 5.X and later

Recommended Optional Products

  • DTO Clubs - Simplify administration and organize, aggregate, and share club information with your community to find new members and create new revenue opportunities for your site
  • DTO ShowCase - Deliver a show-off feature that is totally customizable enabling members to show off anything and everything; from aquariums to zithers (a musical string instrument) to their backyard solar project. Add ShowCase to your site either as a general benefit or as a part of a paid membership program. This along with the discounting program in DTO Vendor Tools will deliver a compelling and value-packed membership program.
  • vBSEO - Forum search engine optimization and sitemap generation

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