DTO ShowCase

vBulletin Product Settings

  • File system directory where images are stored
  • Image width and height definition
  • Enable/Disable promotional message
  • Specify various user facing search parameters

DTO ShowCase Administration

  • Create, edit and delete ShowCase types
  • Use ShowCase types as templates
  • Create, edit and delete components associated with a ShowCase type
  • Specify image quantity per component
  • Create, edit, and delete attributes associated with a component
  • Support for multiple custom attribute types
  • Formatting and validation on end user entry
  • Define display order of components and attributes
  • ShowCase Type enabled/disabled for desired user groups
  • Specify ShowCase quantity for enabled user groups
  • Enable/Disable moderation on create or modify by user group


  • Enable moderation per ShowCase type
  • Assign moderators by ShowCase type
  • End-user report ShowCase function
  • Suspend ShowCase function to remove from public view
  • Logging of suspend ShowCase operation
  • Automated communication with owner of ShowCase

Search Engine Optimization

  • vBSEO custom rewrite rules for SEO friendly URLs
  • vBSEO sitemap add-on to expose Garage content to search engines

Data Capture

  • End-user visits to ShowCase for view ranking
  • Creation and last change timestamps of ShowCase

End User Interface

ShowCase Owner

  • User Control Panel access
  • Create, edit, delete and preview functions
  • Show/Hide ShowCase
  • User friendly image uploads
  • Image resized on upload to max width/height
  • Image thumbnail created
  • bbCode functionality
Site Visitors
  • Search by ShowCase type
  • Search by attributes of a ShowCase type
  • Display of search results includes:
    • o Username of ShowCase Owner
    • o Thumbnail of item in ShowCase
    • o Name of ShowCase
    • o Last modified date
  • Browse-able ShowCase page views include:
    • Username of ShowCase Owner
    • o Name of ShowCase
    • o Thumbnail of item in ShowCase
    • o Last modified date
    • o Most recent ShowCase additions
    • o Most recent ShowCase updates
    • o Most popular
  • Postbit and user profile integration
  • Images in ShowCase display via Lytebox