vBulletin Product Settings

  • Assign moderation of new club submissions
  • Google Map key definition for site
  • Google Map width and height definition

DTO Clubs Administration

  • Delegation of adminstration via administration permission
  • List active and inactive clubs
  • Create, edit, delete, activate and deactivate clubs
  • Moderation and review of new club submissions
  • Export club information for use in 3rd party applications
  • Contact all club coordinators
  • Embedded full featured searchable and indexed administrative Help

Self Management of Clubs (DTO Clubs for vB4 only)

  • Club Management control panel for club coordinators
  • Upload/manage club logo or banner
  • Manage all contact and descriptive information for club
  • Manage additional club coordinators for club
  • Manage multiple clubs as a coordinator

Search Engine Optimization

  • vBSEO custom rewrite rules for SEO friendly URLs
  • vBSEO sitemap add-on to expose club information to search engines

End User Interface

  • Self-service Club submission
  • Directory of clubs
  • Display clubs via:
    • Google Map
    • Alphabetical
    • State and Country
  • Google Map view marker selection displays:
    • Contact Information
    • Club Description
    • Links to Club website, forum and calendar
    • Ability to private message clubs coordinators
  • Alphabetical view displays:
    • List of clubs sorted by name
    • Club name and location
    • Links to Club website, forum, marketplace and calendar
  • Location display is same as alphabetical sorted state/province and country
  • Embedded full featured searchable and indexed coordinator and end-user Help