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Overview - vBulletin Clubs

In every online community there are local clubs and groups that form to share their passions. With the online community as the backbone, use DTO Clubs to help these groups grow, find new members, and create new revenue opportunities for your site. 

DTO Clubs simplifies how site owners organize, aggregate, and share club information with your community.  Attracting local and regional based clubs to your site using vBulletin clubs functionality builds membership, creates good faith with members, and increases use of your site.  If, as part of your club support, you offer free club forum and calendar hosting, you can enable a regional advertising model to attract advertisers interested in reaching club members in their area; further growing site-based revenues

Club submission is self-service and administration is a breeze.  Club approval and modifications can be delegated to a site admin or moderator. Drive Thru Online can provide best practice and implementation examples to reduce routine site staff moderation tasks by enabling club calendar and forum management by trusted Club members. 

Create club specific self service calendars and forums in a few easy steps. Those calendars and forums can be added to the Clubs directory entry so that interested visitors can quickly find information about the club, their discussions, and events.

Key Features

  • Self-service Club submission
  • Notification of new Club submission for approval
  • Moderation and review of new club submissions
  • Self-service club management by club coordinators (DTO Clubs for vB4)
  • Geographical display of clubs via Google Maps
  • Directory of clubs by country/state, and alphabetical listing
  • One step presentation of all club information
  • Contact all club coordinators using easy-to-use communication tool
  • Easy to integrate into vBulletin
  • Enables regional advertising model providing new revenue opportunities
  • Supports vBSEO and includes sitemap generation add-on
  • Complete documentation that is searchable and indexed

System Requirements

  • A valid vBulletin license (versions supporting 3.6.X through 3.8.X and 4.X available now)
  • PHP 5.X and later (compiled with GD support)
  • MySQL 5.X and later

Recommended Optional Products

  • DTO Garage – use DTO Garage as a feature to attract new members and/or create compelling paid membership programs
  • DTO ShowCase – use DTO ShowCase to allow users a fully customizable way to share their pride and joys with your community
  • DTO Vendor Tools – Create or grow advertising revenue for your site with tools and services for community vendors
  • vBSEO – Forum search engine optimization and sitemap generation

Drive Thru Online products include online Help tailored for everyone from the Site Admin to new members. We don’t leave you at the door after purchase either. Our products include forum-based support, implementation examples, best practice discussions on implementation, management, and operation of vBulletin-based sites. We also offer installation services for all of our products and can support your custom development needs.

Contact Us today and let Drive Thru Online help you turn your passion into profit.